Artist Becca Schlaff

Be sure to visit the exhibit of artist Becca Schlaff, a Michigan State University graduate, at ARTPRIZE in Grand Rapids this month.  She is a talented artist with a focus for fish as her subjects.  ARTPRIZE is a Grand Rapids, Michigan city wide art exhibit consisting of 1,517 entries, 161 venues, and three square miles.  The common purveyor of art votes for their favorites, with a grand prize of $200,000 to the winning artist.

Becca Schlaff
A really nice abstract painting of a brown trout by Schlaff.


Salmon Push 2012

When trying to forecast salmon migrating in late August and early September it can be quite challenging.  Everyone wants to get to the salmon while they are migrating up river, pissed off and aggressive, versus spawning and in their “circle of life” mode, where they could care less about eating and only will eat a fly either out of instinct or annoyance.

While watching all rivers carefully for the past three weeks from the Manistee to the Grand, the fish have just not been pushing up like they have last year at this time.  So, for my first time, I’m anticipating the rush to be this weekend.  There’s been very little rain and air temperatures have been high.

This weekend from the Pere Marquette in Baldwin up to the Big Manistee in Wellston and below, I am looking at the temperature of the Lake Michigan to drop over this weekend based on the steady west, northwest and north wind directions forecasted for the weekend.  See below the Lake Michigan temps as of today and how the wind direction in the next 72 hours will push the cooler water down and push the salmon up river.


Formerly of AEG Media and the Trout Bum series, these fisherman have started their own new adventure fly fishing series starting with Mexico.  Their Trout Bum series of movies were just practice for adventures that they are now putting out with this film.  “Metalhead” was a great extreme fly fishing film, but you can tell by the trailer that with their evolution to MotivFishing and GEOFISH – Mexico, they are coming into their prime.  This trailer makes my weekend-long fly fishing trips look like trips to the bathroom compared to the lengths they go to for catching a fish on the fly.  The cinematography is great so far in the trailer and the full movie is due out this fall.  Check out for details.

Check out the trailer below.

Fat Tire in Michigan

Finally Fat Tire made it to Michigan. It’s all the hype right now, but I seem to be the last one to know. Better late than never I suppose.

Please excuse the blurry bar picture. Too much excitement was the cause of not being able to hold the camera steady.

Searching for Salmon

Last Saturday we headed up to fish the flies only section of the Pere Marquette. We were hoping for salmon sightings around 72nd street and Claybanks, but no such luck. Hopper fishing was the alternative, which is not so bad at all. Had a great time teaching a grasshopper of my own, my new brother-in-law how to fly cast. I don’t know if I’m a good teacher or if he’s a natural, but he was roll casting hoppers to the shady banks by noon.